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Got some Questions, ey?
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Down below Ive tried to give an answer to the most common problems and asked questions. I hope you will find the answer you seek. If not, feel free to contact me.

Don't get your reward when you claim it?

Option 1:

After you've clicked the "Claim your reward"-button you will be directed to the chosen csgo gamblingsite. Once you're there, log in with your steam on the site then click the "Claim your reward"-button again. Some bettingsites require that you claim the bonus somewhere on their site. Look for reward-icons.

Option 2:

You can only claim the reward once per site and steam account. If you've tried option 1 and it didnt work, you've probably already claimed the reward on the account you're using. Choose a different site here or make a new steam account...

What are csgo skins?


Skins are items within the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. These Items are worth IRL cash and can be used as currency on gamblingsites. Alot of people collect these skins for different reasons. Some like to trade, others like the way they look ingame and a few just like to collect rare and valuable stuff.
Csgo skin awp Dragon lore

I gamble too much... What can I do to stop?


Alot gambling sites got a "block-me"-function. Use that on the sites u gamble on. If you live in Sweden you can also use to ban yourself for a set amount of time from regular online-casinos. If youre not from Sweden, try search for a similar site for your country.

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